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Hello, world: India’s foreign policy is now a game changer

Thanks to the foggy bottom prone skewed views and biases of the Cold War era last century, the country of India was always considered to be an afterthought (or backwater thought) where it concerned major foreign policy issues and decisions made by the United States, Russia and even China.
“India is backwards,” was the wrongheaded thinking. Yet while compared to the more ‘evolved’ west, led by the United States, yes, India was (and remains) vastly underdeveloped, yet today there is no doubt that many of the most important factors are all working in India’s favor nowadays and increasingly more so.
To understand where India sits today foreign policy wise, which is in the proverbial cat bird’s seat, one must first review some key developments from its past, a past which did not begin in earnest until its former colonial masters, the British, finally decided to leave India and ‘grant it’ what it deserved most – independence. While the British left India largely with their tales between their legs, due in no small part to the fact that they were financially bankrupt at the end of World War II, India went through major disruptions itself with violent and chaotic resettlements as the borders between it and Pakistan were laid down by the departing Brits. Millions of people were killed in the resulting and predictable chaos of uprooting and relocating people.
Indeed, during Asia at the end of World War II, the Cold War globalized the planet, largely pitting the United States and its allies lined up on one side, while Russia and its Communism (the former USSR) and its satellite puppet countries of central and eastern Europe which were ceded to it by the USA because it did not truly care about the fate of those nations, was how much of the planet was divided and viewed.
Other countries such as China were also having their revolution, China’s brand of Communism was taking over. In the minds of the more advanced west, it was either the ‘western way’ or the ‘Communist way.’ No one really cared about India, except for the newly born country of Pakistan, who wasted no time trying to destabilize India in its birth.
India’s leaders at this time, at least epitomized by the likes of Nehru, leaned towards Socialism. While this set off alarms in the west, it was only because it didn’t understand what India was really about. Even Nehru didn’t try to drive India towards a Stalinist type of government, yet India was branded as being another country that had ‘Communist leanings.’ This caused the west to turn a cold shoulder to it during the Cold War, only to then reverse course and try to come to India’s aid when the Communist Chinese attacked India in their Sino-Indian war. Not coincidentally, the Chinese plotted their intrigues while American President John F. Kennedy was bogged down against the Russians during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
As the decades went by, India remained largely shunned by the west, viewed with a wary eye, since it had gotten close to Russia and purchased vital weaponry needed to defend itself.
Yet in the 1970s India took a huge step forward and became a nuclear power. In the view of the American CIA, although it wasn’t really true, this happened ‘overnight’ since the agency failed to predict such a development. India shocked the world by detonating nukes.
The reaction condemning India was swift and global. Pakistan especially was horrified. It understood now that it not only could never defeat India in a conventional war, but that India could take Pakistan anytime it wanted to. Yet India never did, unlike Pakistan, it had no desire to.
Thanks to the fact it not only had developed its own nuclear weapons, but detonated them underground, India was now a nation that could no longer be ignored, especially by the west. Disagree with India or not, the major powers had to now pay attention to it.
Paying ‘attention’ to India did not always automagically mean rewarding it. If anything, the USA led the charge to punish India and levy sanctions against it, a punishment that continued for decades until it was recently lifted by American President Barack Obama. Indeed, if you listen to today’s ‘feel good’ words, India and the USA are practically lovers on the world’s stage. India’s current presence at the G20 summit and the moves it is making by its indefatigable leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are showing the world that India can and should be no longer be trifled with.
As Modi makes his rounds posing for his photo ops and being ‘Presidential like,’ what he is really doing is much more than just political theater. Instead, he is sending a message to his regional rival, Communist China, which Beijing can no longer ignore.
The United States and its aligned allies, which include the countries of Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India now, are all busy working towards a unified, major defense goal. At issue is China’s rogue behavior, which threatens the literal existence of global harmony, especially in Asia.
With India now arming itself with jointly developed Israeli made missiles that do everything from deter Pakistan to worry Beijing because they now have to spend money in an arms race they thought they could avoid, but unquestionably started, the Communist Chinese are now getting a unified message via the USA and its allies, with India suddenly playing the key, vital role of being kingmaker.
Russia will not bother helping China in its quest to dominate the south Asian seas. For all the bluster Putin utters about being ‘allied’ with China, in his case the adage of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” doesn’t always apply. While Putin is not happy with India growing closer to the USA, he also understands it. India is rising and the USA needs India, now more than ever, period.
So concerned have the Chinese become over the alliance of nations now aligned against it, that their dictator has held special sessions with his Communist cronies trying to craft a counter response.
This is bittersweet for the Chinese, who are ironically hosting the G20 summit. As Modi tightens his grip on increased alliances and speaks bluntly about issues such as terrorism, military and economic cooperation, the Communists are (for now) at least hogtied.
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